5 reasons to update your restaurant point of sale software and employee time tracking system...

Whether you’re running one location or 100, growing your restaurant business comes with unique challenges. When thinking about day-to-day logistics, think of your point of sale software as the primary business hub. Different technologies can support and improve your restaurant post. Today, we’re focusing on employee time tracking and overall labor management. 

We’ve created a list for you to consider … is it the right time to update your restaurant point of sale software? How about updating your employee time tracking system? The experts with 7shifts restaurant scheduling software developed five key points to consider:

  • Your restaurant point of sale software isn’t working hard enough.
    Even if you’re a tech novice, the right software can quickly become your best friend. Your restaurant POS system should sync with your employee time tracking software. When this occurs, you’ll be able to pull important insights like needing to add or remove shifts based on sales numbers or making sure your schedule matches time clock data.
  • You can’t be in every location at once.
    As much as you may want to be, you can’t be everywhere at once. With the right labor management software, you’re able to view sales data, labor percentages and employee engagement all on one digital dashboard. No more calling to see if everyone showed up for their shift, you can simply see if they clocked in on the digital employee time tracking app.
  • You can’t keep up with labor management expenses.
    Even though you created employee schedules yourself, it’s still easy to let labor costs spiral out of control. With software like 7shifts, you can pull data that shows when you have too much staff or not enough staff in real-time. 
  • Your employee time clock is antiquated.
    When was the last time you thought about time clock integrity? Are you sure employees clock in only when they’re scheduled? Is anyone arriving early or staying late, throwing the labor calculations off? With a modern time tracking app, employees are only able to clock in if they’re scheduled; this helps you avoid time theft issues. Plus, the app will alert you when an employee doesn’t clock in for their scheduled shift.
  • You're missing important employee labor law updates and requirements.
    Time management software like 7shifts comes with built-in compliance tools. Therefore, when you’re creating each employee's shifts, labor management requirements are automatically taken into account—like factoring in meal breaks.

Check out 7shifts, a digital employee labor management tool, in action...


If you're not sure where to start, consider asking your staff (including restaurant managers) what they need. We've developed an easy-to-use, restaurant employee satisfaction survey template. Simply download and distribute to gain valuable insights...

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