The time is now! Upgrade to Online Ordering with SpotOn

We now know that customers want and expect restaurants with online ordering capabilities. We also know that customers prefer to order directly from a restaurant vs. a third-party App. If you’re looking to make the upgrade to online ordering, here’s what all restaurant operators and managers should consider:

Online ordering allows restaurants to upsell and promote menu add-ons.
Picture this, you’re standing in line during the lunch hour waiting to place your order at the register. When it’s finally your turn, the hungry crowd has grown to about 12 people deep behind you. The “lunchtime rush” feeling sets in and you quickly order to keep the line moving.

This rush to order at the register is extremely common. Many customers feel pressure or even guilt when there’s a line of patrons behind them. This does not leave time to ask questions about the menu or to consider adding side dishes or desserts.

When ordering online from a restaurant’s menu or App, customers have ample time to peruse your menu. Plus, throughout the ordering process, you have the opportunity to showcase promotions, seasonal menu items, order add-ons, and more! The time that customers used to spend standing in line, they’ll now spend carefully scanning and considering your menu.

Online ordering helps alleviate take-out orders placed over the phone.
Ring. Ring. Ring. While it’s a good thing in today’s climate to have customers calling for reservations and takeout orders, it also takes a lot of time and management. During peak times, let’s say a Saturday evening, your host can quickly become overwhelmed with juggling customers on the phone (including inputting their orders for the kitchen!) vs. helping customers in person.

By using and promoting online ordering for your restaurant, you’ll free up valuable time for your staff. Instead of inputting a large to-go order, your host can better serve in-person customers and focus on quality service. 

Order accuracy increases when customers use online ordering.
When a restaurant is busy, a restaurant is loud. It’s natural that when assisting a customer over the phone, the details of take-out orders can be lost in translation. It’s proven that online ordering greatly improves order accuracy; when customers bypass a person, so there is little room for error and orders are placed with a higher rate of accuracy.

Customers can input their exact order, pay online, and with SpotOn Restaurant their order is sent directly to the kitchen. This seamless process frees up your current staff and prevents you from needing to source and hire additional staff just to manage your takeout and delivery business.

Grow your restaurant’s database by safely capturing customer data.
To place an online order, a customer must give his or her contact information. This typically includes a contact name, email, and phone number to ensure a restaurant can reach out with questions/updates about take-out orders if needed.

Now, you have access to this customer data for remarketing efforts. If you’d like to send a seasonal promotion or start a loyalty program, you now have the information you need to successfully communicate and market your restaurant offerings. A few key things to remember:

  • Customer data is gold, but remember to make it clear that the information gathered is to help get to know each customer better to enable more targeted and relevant marketing and offers.
  • In today’s digital world, consumers often agree to data collection when their information is not sold or used improperly. 
  • The number of restaurants and marketing offers the average consumer sees daily is higher than ever. Customers also expect you to know their likes and dislikes. Therefore, communications should be tailored accordingly to build consumer trust and loyalty.

Boost your restaurant revenue and credibility by integrating Order with Google.
So, what is Order with Google? Customers that search for a restaurant using Google Search and Google Maps can now place takeout and delivery orders through Google—if, and only if, the restaurant they want to order from has an online ordering system set up for Order with Google.

SpotOn announced integrations with Order with Google. Which means that all SpotOn restaurant clients have access to Order with Google. Orders placed via Google are sent straight to the restaurant’s POS, boosting accuracy and efficiency. In addition, restaurants using SpotOn can keep their customer data to gain insights into ordering trends and build repeat customers.

Stand out from the competition with online ordering.
Let’s say you’re in the sandwich business. Whether a customer is ordering from themselves, a party, an office meeting, etc. They want to make sure their custom sandwiches are made correctly. If you offer online ordering and your competitor down the street only allows walk-in orders, who has the competitive edge? YOU. In fact, 66% of consumers expect restaurants to offer online/mobile ordering. 

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