WATCH: How your restaurant point of sale system should serve YOU.

Don’t let running a restaurant leave you running on fumes. It’s time to increase efficiencies for yourself, your staff, and even your customers.

We’ve found that outdated and inadequate point of sale software can spark a multitude of issues for restaurant owners and managers. When evaluating your restaurant POS system, consider your business needs vs. what your current POS offers. For example, modern point of sale systems feature:

  •   POS for table-side service, counter service, and everything in between.
  •   Labor management back-office tools to manage shifts and gratuities
  •   Multi-location abilities for managing menus and employees across locations
  •   Online ordering with real-time integration
  •   Mobile dine-in ordering
  •   E-Gift cards for online ordering, along with traditional gift cards with no swipe fees
  •   Digital loyalty rewards programs
  •   Digital reservations, waitlisting and even premier guest experiences
  •   Digital dashboards and website designed to be hassle-free and easy-to-use
  •   Best-in-class reporting

Today, we wanted to highlight SpotOn’s latest restaurant tech video: “SpotOn is here to serve you, so you can serve your guests. Lightning-fast POS, online ordering, data & reporting, and more. Easy-to-use tech with 24/7 personalized service. 86 the hassles, fees, and long-term contracts.” Watch the benefits for yourself.


At Central Retail Solutions, we’re proud to partner with SpotOn for restaurant technologies and beyond. To learn more about what we can do for your business—together—click here to see how SpotOn's customizable features can improve your customer experience and grow revenue.  

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