7shifts Testimonial: Smoothie King Finds Employee Scheduling Solution

With 800+ locations worldwide, Smoothie King has made a name for itself within the quick serve restaurant industry. Their fresh fruit smoothies are beloved by the health and wellness community, and beyond.


Recently, 7shifts, our trusted partner in restaurant employee scheduling software, spotlighted Smoothie King’s Mackenzie Rautanen, Area Supervisor in Savanna, Georgia. When Mackenzie joined the team, she quickly realized there were labor management issues. So, she turned to 7shifts for help. Quickly, Smoothie King began to make staff scheduling decisions based on sales, not guesswork.

“In one month of using 7shifts, all three of my locations have dropped their labor costs by 5-7%,” Mackenzie explains. The locations used to spend upwards of 25% total on labor. “Now we are (at) 15% and below on labor spending,” she says.

In addition to reducing labor costs, Mackenzie’s experience with 7shifts resulted in:

  • Spending less than one hour per week on scheduling.
  • Decreasing scheduling errors, which led to a decrease in employee tardiness.
  • Focusing on activities and decisions that help grow revenue.
  • Allowing employees to request time-off via the 7shifts app.

The bottom line? Now is the time to streamline your labor management and employee scheduling processes.

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Original testimonial seen here: “How Smoothie King Solved Their Scheduling Problem.”