Reasons to Invest in a Cloud-Based POS

POS Terminal with Person

You may have heard the industry buzz about cloud-based POS systems. Well what exactly is it?

Unlike traditional POS systems which are typically on-site, countertop systems, cloud POS systems are web-based, thus allowing you to process payments through the internet.

Cloud-based POS systems can significantly improve business operations, save time and help increase revenue. Let’s dive into the benefits of cloud-based POS systems.

  1. Automatic and quick updates. Cloud POS software only needs to be updated on only one computer or device making the process easy and painless.  
  2. Single database in the cloud. If you manage more than one establishment cloud-based POS will allow you to centralize your data across all locations.  
  3. Access from anywhere. Away from your business? As long as you have internet access you can still keep an eye on your current operations.
  4. Increased security. The data is stored safely in the cloud and not on a device that could be easily hacked or stolen.
  5. Decreased Downtime Issues. With traditional POS if something goes down you must wait for IT to fix the issue. With cloud-based POS if something goes down (such as the internet) you can keep your business running with your mobile hotspot.
  6. Mobile Advantages. The traditional POS limits you to only using POS terminals in a fixed location such as a counter. A Cloud POS system allows you to process transactions from any desktop or mobile device.
  7. Improve inventory management. Since everything is stored on the internet it is updated in real-time. This could also significantly help with businesses that list their current inventory online and increase customer traffic. 

Whether you operate a small business, or you manage multiple franchises, cloud-based technology will provide you with the mobility, efficiency and security that you need. Central Retail Solutions is proud to offer a top-of-the-line Cloud POS System, Heartland Restaurant.

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