Online Ordering and Contactless Payments: The upgrades your restaurant needs to succeed

The retail sector championed contactless payments and online ordering. Consumers began to prefer and eventually rely on digital payment options. In fact 51% of Americans are now using some form of contactless payment options according to a recent Mastercard survey

MasterCard Survey-1

Now, consumers expect their favorite restaurants to follow suit. Here’s what your establishment should know about integrating online ordering, dine-in ordering and contactless payments:

What are contactless payments?
Contactless credit cards and debit cards allow users to simply tap or wave their card over a card reader. Many Smartphones enable contactless payment as well. No more swiping or inserting the EMV chip; there is zero contact between the customer’s credit card and your restaurant POS/credit card reader.

What is online ordering?
Online ordering allows consumers to order from your restaurant’s website and/or your restaurant’s app for takeout and delivery. Before online ordering, all to-go orders were taken manually over the phone. Online ordering frees up your phone lines and your staff!

What is dine-in ordering?
Similar to online ordering, customers order from your restaurant’s website and/or your restaurant’s app. Instead of taking the online order to-go, they get to enjoy their meal at your establishment - savoring the food, ambiance and customer service!

Are these digital payments safe?
For contactless payments through online ordering and dine-in ordering to work, they use EMV technology. Currently, EMV technology is the most secure way to accept credit card payments.


What are the benefits of online ordering and dine-in ordering?  The restaurant point-of-sale experts with SpotOn rounded up a list of ways contactless payment upgrades improve business:

  • Grow Revenue: On average, online orders are 18% higher than phone orders.Restaurants have the opportunity to upsell menu items utilizing online ordering systems.
  • Save time and cut costs: Orders go directly from your customers to your kitchen staff. This increases efficiencies and decreases order mistakes. 
  • Keep staff and customers safe: Areas across our country established social distancing guidelines to keep restaurant patrons and employees safe. With dine-in ordering, patrons use their mobile devices to browse menus, place orders and pay for their meals. This minimizes contact with servers.

So, how can your restaurant go contactless? We’ve teamed up with SpotOn, a premier restaurant POS provider, to help restaurant owners and managers upgrade their technologies. Learn more by visiting our SpotOn Capital resource page.

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