Case Study: Irish Pub Finds Luck with SpotOn Restaurant Point-of-Sale System

The typical 9-to-5 schedule does not apply to restaurant and bar owners. With their establishments seeing peak hours at various times throughout the day and throughout the week, it’s crucial their staff is equipped with the right order processing tools. 

Tony Kasab, owner of the popular Duggan’s Irish Pub, shares why he prefers SpotOn Restaurant over other point-of-sale systems on the market. He knows customer support will answer his 12:00 p.m. call in a crowded, noisy restaurant to help troubleshoot any tech issues.

 Duggan and staff also found success with SpotOn Restaurant:

  • Training new employees is a breeze.  User-friendly interface features easy-to-follow prompts. 
  • Payment processing  happens—quickly. “In two seconds the credit card is coming out.”
  • Overall, it’s easy to use. You can make changes to the backend without calling in a special request.


“The good thing about SpotOn? They’ve made it easy to use.”

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