Digital Dining-Increase Productivity, Minimize Errors and Drive Profit

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If you’re in the market for a new POS system, you’ve probably discovered that finding the right one for your business can be overwhelming. There are so many different products out there, where does one even begin? Instead of focusing on all the different systems focus on what you want your POS to do for you and go from there.

Most restaurant owners and operators would agree that three important advantages to you POS system would be that it increases productivity, minimizes error and drives profit. Once you narrow it down to what you need your POS system to do, you can focus on a solution that meets that criteria.

Digital Dining has been successfully serving the restaurant industry for more than 30 years and they are committed to serving the customer whether they operate one location or a multi-unit enterprise of up to 100 locations. 

How Digital Dining Increase Productivity 

Restaurants are always on the go which means finding ways to increase productivity is very important to owners and operators. Digital Dining comes equipped with several tools to keep business operations at top performance. 

Fast and simple checkout 

This POS system allows you to easily configure the interface and add modifiers and combo pricing to help your staff get accurate order pricing and complete their transactions faster. Fast checkouts equals fast service which equals happy customers and more productive workers. 

Labor scheduling and management 

Staying on top of employees and managing them is a job in itself. Digital Dining assist with labor by managing clock-ins and controls early or late starts. In addition it also includes a Fingerprint ID feature so no "buddy" clock-ins are possible, reducing some unwarranted labor expenses. 

Online ordering 

Online ordering is something that many restaurants now utilize as it is a valuable asset to have. Digital Dining's integrated online ordering automatically enters customers orders into your system. This will simplify your ordering process and save your labor time from having  to manually enter them.

How Digital Dining Minimizes Error

Eliminating errors is important for any restaurant, especially when the errors have a negative impact on the bottom line of the company. Digital dining has several features that can help minimize errors in business operations.  

Inventory control  

The inventory control feature prevents errors with inventory orders. Tired of wasting product? This feature will help reduce waste. Inventory control will also allow you to view your weekly usage. 

Order fulfillment management

Restaurants often have a lot of orders going on at the same time, which can get confusing and cause errors in the kitchen if it isn't properly manged and organized. Digital Dining offers order fulfillment and kitchen display management that will make sure individual order items are transmitted to the proper prep station so meals are perfectly times and accurate. 

Secure payment processing 

A big error that you don't want to happen for your customers and your business is fraud, which has been known to happen with payment transactions. Digital Dining values your customers and keeping payment card data safe is a top priority. Their software is PCI-DSS compliant to keep everything secure. 

How Digital Dining Drives Profit 

As with any business the main goal is to make a profit to keep the business afloat and to continue growing. This is why you want software and services that work for you, not against you, to aide in driving profit. Digital Dining has some great items that can result in a great impact to your bottom line.

Detailed business reporting 

It's nearly impossible to make business decisions without data to back you up, that's why Digital Dining offers detailed business reporting. These reports will provide operators with key insights on sales, customers and menu trends. Having this knowledge daily will help assist in making the best decisions for your business to increase sales and cut cost where needed. 

Customized Pricing 

How items are priced are how your make a profit. Some POS systems don't have the ability to easily make pricing changes, which can result in even more of a headache for the user. With Digital Dining you have the ability to easily set happy hour or promotional pricing with automatic price changes at expiration of special offers. 

As you can see there are several great features to Heartland's Digital Dining POS system. If you are interested in learning more or are ready to get started click the button below for a free quote. 

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