Happier Holidays with SpotOn Restaurant

You’re making a list and checking it twice … you’re gonna have to staff a holiday party, after party, after party…

In all seriousness, the holiday season can feel like both a blessing and a curse for today’s restaurant managers. There are so many factors to consider when planning events and staffing during November through January:

  • Accommodating large parties whether they be family, friends, coworkers or a mix
  • Planning menus and inputting orders in advance so food comes out in a timely manner
  • Recording specific drink orders by guest
  • Respecting your staff’s time-off requests
  • Communicating with staff facing commute challenges due to winter weather or sickness
  • Managing (hopefully) more generous tips during the season of giving
  • Promoting seasonal menu items
  • Handling an increase in catering orders

We’re sure you can add a hundred other considerations to the list! This season we encourage YOU to give yourself the gift of SpotOn. Not only does SpotOn Restaurant offer premium restaurant point-of-sale hardware and software, but your partnership comes with 27/7 support and a world-class onboarding process. 

Rachel Barrett, General Manager of The Brixton in San Francisco shares her experience with SpotOn’s dedicated support team. Here’s how SpotOn gives her peace of mind no matter the time of year! 

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Ready to treat yourself (and your staff) this holiday season? Learn more about SpotOn Capital for restaurants.

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