Six Marketing Ideas For Your Business This Fall

Fall Themed Drinks

Fall is upon us and according to a study by YouGov, Americans prefer this season above all others. Now is a great time to update your business marketing strategies to reflect this season of change.

Here we give you some easy ways to incorporate fall-inspired marketing ideas into your business strategies to keep your customers feeling warm and fuzzy toward your brand. 

1. Get creative with the menu

If your business involves food use seasonal flavor favorites such as pumpkin, apple, s'mores and caramel in you menu items. Promote these limited time seasonal items on social media, best practice would be to post drool-worthy photos on your Instagram and Facebook platforms. 

2. Fall-themed events and specials 

For the retail industry you can incorporate fall themes into your sales events, for example a "Sweater Weather Sale" or a "Tailgate Essentials Sale". 

For the full-service restaurant industry you can host events centered around your fall menu items or you can have a special events that celebrates Halloween, last year IHOP did a month-long special where kids ate free (with an adult meal purchase) in celebration of their Addams Family inspired menu. 

Quick-service restaurants can market similar fall or Halloween events to drive traffic to their business,  for example every year Krispy Kreme runs a promotional Halloween event where you wear a Halloween costume to get a free donut. 

3. Create your own seasonal hashtag 

Take your fall or Halloween events a step further by creating a special hashtag to go with it so customers can help spread the word for you. For example, Chipotle does an annual Boorito event where customers can get a $4 burrito, bowl, salad or tacos if they are in costume on October 31. But in 2019 they made the event even bigger by asking TikTok users to participate by posting a video of their Halloween transformation and using the hashtags #Boorito and #Contest, then the top five users with the most likes would win free burritos for an entire year. 

4. Decorate for fall 

Changing up the décor in a retail store or restaurant is an effective, yet inexpensive, way to increase customer traffic. This is also a great way to get people walking on the street into your business by simply catching their eye.

You could even set up a "selfie hot-spot" with seasonal decorations that customers may feel enticed to take pictures with and post on social media, just be sure to subtly include your company name or logo somewhere in this "selfie hot-spot" for brand recognition. 

5. Let's talk BOOze

Alcohol sales often have the highest profit margin so don't overlook creating some seasonal boozy specials. Just like changing up the food menu items to have a fall theme do this with your alcoholic beverages as well. Think about incorporating hard ciders, Oktoberfest Craft Beers or maybe some spooky cocktails. 

6. Autumn advertisements 

Make sure your print or digital advertisements include your new fall products or specials. For quick service restaurants digital menu boards are an a great tool to have in place for your seasonal changes because it easily allows you to add in new menu items or place in some seasonal video content to entertain guest. 

With these fall marketing tips you can build brand loyalty that keeps customers coming back long after the last leaf falls from the tree. 

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