Do digital menu boards really work? The 4 stats you have to see...

We’re visual people. Today’s shoppers expect engaging product photos and videos with bold promotions and seasonal sales. The same mentality applies to selling your restaurant. Research shows that the number of unplanned purchases jump to 80% in restaurants that use digital menu boards and digital signage.

Our team compiled 4 fast facts to show how digital menu boards work for your business and your customers:

93% of consumers consider visual appearance to be the key deciding factor in a purchasing decision.  (Click to Tweet!)


66% of customers say that digital advertising would influence their decision to buy products in the future. (Click to Tweet!)

Customer Return_CRS

Digital signage can reduce the perceived wait times for customers by 35%. (Click to Tweet!)

Wait Time_CRS

74% of customers say that an easy-to-read menu is their top priority. (Click to Tweet!)


The proof is in the numbers! Digital menu boards increase restaurant sales and customer satisfaction. Ready to dig deeper? Download our free Digital Menu Board E-Book—it’s a must-have business resource for restaurant owners and managers. The new E-Book features a Taco John’s case study, restaurant before and after photos, digital menu board product features, and much more.


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