Why digital menu boards? Outdoor dining is here to stay.

Today’s customers not only want but need safe dining options. The COVID-19pandemic forced restaurants around the country to adapt—quickly. As carryout, outdoor dining and drive-thrus became the norm establishments scrambled to meet demands: enhancing online ordering capabilities, collaborating with delivery services, ordering space heaters, and even pre-packaging specialty cocktails!

There’s one piece of the pie that’s crucial, yet often overlooked—menu boards. As we head into the warmer Spring and Summer months, we encourage your restaurant to think long-term and invest in what makes sense for your business and your customers. Here’s how digital menu boards can enhance your customer’s dining experience:

  • DMB   Keep lines moving: Both indoor digital menu boards and drive-thru menu boards will help keep your restaurant lines moving. They can reduce customer wait times by up to 35%! They’re designed to eliminate long wait times by clearly listing all menu items, nutrition information, and  integrating with existing restaurant POS systems. Ours  even offer an order confirmation screen. Essentially, they provide clarity and help answer customer questions—this allows more time for staff to complete orders.

  •   Increase efficiency: Amid the pandemic, restaurants were given the options to disinfect laminated menus after each customer, use only disposable paper menus, or rely on customers to access menus via smartphones. These three scenarios take time and resources. Our digital menu boards are easy to read and highly visible, eliminating the need for physical menus. They allow your staff to prioritize customer service as opposed to worrying about managing physical menus all shift. 

  •   All-weather options: Traditional, non-digital menu boards succumb to wear and tear. Wind, rain, sun, or snow outdoor digital menu boards can withstand the elements! Plus, our team will arrive onsite to assist with installation. This will guarantee your investment is installed correctly and in an ideal location within your property.

  •   User-friendly systems: Our digital menu board systems were designed with your busy staff in mind. We understand that with day shifts, evening shifts, summer shifts, weekend shifts, holiday shifts … ALL shifts you need a well-trained staff to run the restaurant smoothly. Our backend system is straightforward with limited training requirements. Therefore, you can train your staff to prioritize customer service and selling, as opposed to hiding behind a screen.  

  • Increase sales with time-sensitive offers: With warmer weather on the horizon for most of the country, NOW is prime time to upgrade your outdoor dining experience. Outdoor digital menu boards offer dayparting, cyclical menu support, product images and videos, limited-time promotions, and more! Digital menu boards are so effective they’ve shown to increase sales by up to 30%!

Now is the time to make the business upgrades you’ve had your eye on. Learn how our clients benefited from both indoor and outdoor digital menu boards, including drive-thru menu boards, at their quick-service restaurant in our updated *free* e-book.

Free E-Book:  Learn how Digital Menu Boards can increase sales by 20-30%