Use SpotOn to Consolidate Restaurant Management Software

Fact: Consolidating restaurant management software gives managers more control over their two primary expenses: food and labor costs. 

Unfortunately, many restaurants use one system for their point-of-sale (POS) and a different system for their back-of-house (BOH). If your POS and BOH systems are not connected you lose valuable business insights like menu sales, inventory, food costs, and labor. Plus, when you’re managing an influx of online orders vs. dine-in traffic, it’s easy for orders to get lost in the shuffle. 

Attempting to integrate multiple siloed systems increases the risk of errors and generally costs you more in resources, expenses and headaches. Operating a successful restaurant is difficult enough, so why endure unnecessary stress and expenses? Fortunately, SpotOn is a simple, seamless, one-stop-shop solution that comes with a robust set of reporting tools. SpotOn users can customize reports based on how they prefer to analyze operational data. Whether you’re interested in specific areas of your operations, or a holistic view, SpotOn gives you real-time visibility whenever and wherever you prefer. 

If you want to remain competitive in today’s bustling food and hospitality industry, consolidating your restaurant management systems into a single platform is critical. With today’s labor shortage, it’s more important than ever to save time and money. Consolidating ordering and payments improves overall operations: staff efficiency, order accuracy, customer service, and your restaurant’s bottom line.

SpotOn-Order-mobile-experienceImprove customer service.
By having orders, kitchen workflows, and payments run through a unified platform, you create a better experience for your restaurant, guests, and staff.

Better Manage Online Orders vs. Dine-In Orders.
With SpotOn, online orders placed through your website are automatically funneled into your POS system. This means that the kitchen receives and makes online orders alongside dine-in orders:

  • This eliminates manual entry and alleviates order errors.
  • Online orders can be paced so that customers know when the next available pick-up time is. This ensures your kitchen and staff don’t become overwhelmed.

Utilize one payment system.
Both dine-in and online orders should be processed using one payment processing system. If all orders are paid for within a single system, restaurant managers can view all payment data in a central, secure location. Plus, with SpotOn you can collect payment online, at the table, curbside, or carry-out window utilizing a variety of POS hardware. As today’s restaurant-goers expect payment convenience and choice – this flexibility is necessary.

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