Consider These Things Before Choosing Your Credit Card Processor

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If you own or manage a restaurant, there is a good chance that you accept credit or debit card payments from your customers. This means that you partner with someone for your credit card processing to ensure that customers money is transferring from their bank account into the company’s bank account.

There are several restaurant credit card processing companies out there so it can get overwhelming in choosing who to go with. Here are some things you need to consider before diving into business with the processor of your choice.

Pricing Transparency

Transparent pricing should be something you look for in any business deal but some credit card processing companies don’t make that easy. A lot of companies will tack on unexpected and hidden fees, so if they are not clear about their pricing from day one that should be a red flag.

Mobile Payments

Payment methods are evolving with the rapid advancement of technologies. Standard debit and credit cards are still widely used but there is a new method of payment on the rise, mobile pay. Forbes reported that mobile payments in the U.S. will exceed $130 billion in 2020.

Most credit card processors should already accept mobile payment methods by now, but if they don’t, that should be a deal breaker.


It is no secret that security is increasingly important in today’s digital world. People want to know that their personal information is protected and as a business owner you owe it to your customers to ensure their information is protected to the best of your ability.

It is crucial that you choose to work with a partner that understands and can help you with PCI compliance and security protection for you and your customers.                

Long-Term Contracts & Termination Fees

Some credit card processing companies have developed very fickle practices over the years to keep their customers on a tight rein. Usually forcing customers to sign a long-term contracts and keep them from leaving. Early termination fees can be in the hundreds or even thousands depending on the contract specifics, which that can be a big hit for many companies.

On the flip side though, there are credit card processing companies that offer month-to-month contracts which allows you to leave at any given time with no penalty. Not only does this option give you peace of mind in knowing there is no commitment, it will also keep the processing companies on their toes and encourage them to keep charging you fairly and staying on top of their service so they don’t lose your loyal business.

Customer Service

It is important that you choose a credit card provider who will continue to assist you beyond the point of making a sale. Make sure you choose a company that provides you ample support, such as assigning you a dedicated account manager that can assist you with business needs or issues as they arise.

Nothing is worse than paying someone for a service and then only getting half of what you expected. Do your research and find testimonials or reviews on companies to see what current customers have to say about their services.

Additional Business Solutions

When you choose a credit card processing company your main goal is to find one that can handle the payment transactions. But what if you could get even more out of your credit card processor? Something that is extraordinarily valuable to you as a business owner or operator? Yep, we are talking data and analytics.

If your payment processing company can provide you with analytics and reports from information gathered during customer transactions this should be taken into consideration when choosing who you will go with.  After all, that data can help you identify sales trends and help your business reach their full potential. A company that provides you this additional service is trying to give you more bang for your buck.

Final Thoughts

Maybe you are starting a new business or maybe your current credit card processing company is not living up to their promised expectations. Regardless of what your situation is make sure you are considering everything we outlined above when deciding on who to partner with.

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